Review: The Day the World Ended!: A Comedy

the book in question

Sam Ballard returns to his hometown after the change of the guard in Washington DC, only for the world to fall apart. After hooking up with his one time hookup Jules after his return to his small town, all technology fails to work in the morning and no one knows what is going on. Instead of doing anything about it, Sam and Jules want to have sex and drink wine. Only the world around moving on drags Sam around to try to figure out anything that is going on.

I didn’t need the title to read “A Comedy” for me to know the author was intending humour with the tale. Unfortunately for me, political humour is so very not my cup of tea. Especially as a lot of what was poked at was perhaps a little too real. It’s hard for me to laugh at how Sam never learns the name of the Farmer, a minority, when that happens so often in real life. And the obvious Trump jokes aren’t so much jokes when it reflects real life too closely.

While I did not find the story very funny, I suppose I had to appreciate how dumb both conservative and liberals were portrayed in the face of the “end of the world”, because I am rather tired of people saying one or the other would be any more intelligent about something like that. And I didn’t find Sam very fun to read about, but I could understand why he would want to hide away and wait for someone else to fix it. Isn’t that what has caused a lot of our problems in the world?

I have to say it was average. I personally felt it was less than average, but again, I recognize that this sort of political commentary isn’t really something I like to read for enjoyment.



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