Before the interview

Name me a single person who likes going on an interview. Especially a job interview. I doubt there is someone like that out there, but I’m willing to accept there might be someone out there that has found something enjoyable about the experience.

Name him the numerous people who enjoy meeting strangers and you will have a long list of people who still like it more than him. He makes his interactions with the barista at the coffee shop short because he doesn’t know her. It will take him a couple of months before he allows her attempts at conversation to bear fruit. Because at that point she will be an acquaintance and he will not have a panic attack about responding.

Naming the opportunities which have fallen through for him would be depressing, so let’s skip over that. He is trying, after all. Making note of every time he couldn’t make himself do it would be cruel. Today is his chance and he has made it all the way to the building. It isn’t far from the coffee shop, so he stops by there first.

“Good morning!” she says cheerfully.

He attempts a smile and a noncommital response. Her name is Patricia. He has heard her tell other customers she hates to be called Patty.

“The usual double tall mocha?”

He nods. She has already begun to make it.

“Are you okay?”

She doesn’t usually ask this. He swallows. He adjusts his collar. “Interview.”

“Good luck!”

She doesn’t push. She doesn’t ask for more. She puts on chocolate sprinkles on the whip cream. Not evenly sprinkled, but enough for a smiley face.

Name out a single action which helps someone stick through the game. Name the action which has helped you.

Way to make an introduction

“Your name.”

Vidvan nearly had a heart attack, wheeling about from where he stood at his desk. There was no confusing who stood there in front of him – Tavesh. That was surprising enough, even before Vidvan considered all of the other reasons the man could not have been there.

“Wh-what?” Vidvan didn’t sound nearly as surprised as he felt, but there was still plenty of it.

“Your name,” Tavesh said again. “Is it Vidvan? I’m making an educated guess.”

Vidvan nodded, trying to pull himself together. “You shouldn’t be here. How did you get in here?”

“I’ll leave. But I had to know your name. My apologies.” Tavesh made an exaggerated bow.

He had to know that Vidvan could have him killed for this. Accusing someone of entering the tower when they weren’t invited. Which he could not have been. If he had been, he would be accompanied. No one else was here.

Then he left, before Vidvan could say anything else.

Nemissa’s moments

There were times​ she could put everything else aside. Castlehaven, her son, Fletcher… everything. Those times were few and far between, but they did exist. Sometimes Nemissa needed a minute to herself.

And it would be only a minute. A single minute to take in a breath, one that didn’t submit itself to another person, another concept, another anything. In that minute, she would miss things. She would miss submitting herself to those other things. How much Castlehaven had become a part of her since she had been sent here! How much her son meant to her, how she could not imagine life without him! How Fletcher somehow had become a part of both of those things.

A minute was more than enough time away from those three things.

The knock on her door came at exactly the time she expected it. “…my lady?”

She took in another breath of the sea air. “You know you don’t have to call me that. Come in.”

Fletcher did.

Health for Beauty

Zamir would admit, Haven was a rather pretty bird. Raz was certainly smitten with her and the entire process of obtaining her had gone much more smoothly than Raz had made it sound.

“I introduced ya as my police friend, of course.”

“Which is incorrect, technically.”

Zamir’s words once again didn’t matter, as Raz ruffled up Haven’s feathers. She opened and closed her beak next to his finger, which made Zamir antsy, but Raz didn’t seem to mind. Then again, it didn’t look like Haven was closing it with that much force.

With a sigh, Zamir readjusted his suit. “Now what? Going back home?”

“Eh, can’t afford to. Have to feed this pretty now.”

Health forsaken for beauty. It was the first time Zamir had seen it done like this. He sighed.

How had he gotten so wrapped up in this?

Just one degree of separation

“What are you doing?”

The older girl gasped, looking over at her. Her gloves were covered in mud and the bed in front of her had been prepared in some sort of order that the younger girl assumed was good. “Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you there!”

“That’s okay.” She walked over, squatting down next to the other. “I didn’t know you gardened.”

The older girl laughed quietly. “I didn’t. I mean, it’s recent. Just something to distract myself.”

The younger of the two nodded. “I know what you mean. That’s why I started going to the gym. Something to distract myself.”

“Have you been having fun with it?”

“Uh huh.” She watched the older girl press her hands against the side of the flower bed. Learning what to do, she still looked to be a master to the gaze of someone who didn’t know anything. “Want some help?”

“Oh! I didn’t know you were interested!”

“Well, I don’t know anything, so I’ll be relying on your guidance!”

The gardener’s face lit up. Together the two of them distracted themselves from the dark parts of reality.


You promised.

You would help him. Because it was your first reaction, because you had nothing else to do. Because he needed it. Especially when he asked for help, unaware of the shame he might need to feel in asking such a question. He knew he didn’t understand his situation. That was why he asked. Your first reaction was to offer the help and he accepted. Gratefully.

You promised.

To go there with him. Because he couldn’t do it on his own, because you wanted to be the one there instead of anyone else. Because after that first moment you couldn’t turn back. Neither could he. When he started to help you, well, that was more than you thought might happen. You didn’t reject it though. That was why he did it. Your first reaction was to accept all of him and he gave it. Gratefully.

You promised.

That the distance wouldn’t matter. Because you couldn’t stay, because he couldn’t go. Because sometimes life moves forward and leaves the people involved in it behind. He stood there along with your other friends, telling you how much they all would miss you. Everyone there made the same promise and he repeated their words. But you looked in his eyes and knew what the promise really was. The promise the both of you have that no one else shared.

He promised.

Outside the joke

Carrying on, we chatter endlessly about
only things we know, which are hilarious.
Maybe you find yourself in doubt.
Even then, don’t worry, our taste is quite various.
Definitely you’ll hear something you enjoy,
you’ll know that we aren’t trying to be nefarious,
causing ourselves to howl with joy
leaving you out on the edges so contrarious.
Unintelligible jokes are simply called the inside
because we and no one else know what they hide.