Review: Gale

the book in question

Miranda lives on Gale, where those in charge demand everyone to be the same and to only be allowed the same amount of resources. Miranda is not the same: she suffers from seizures, which aren’t on the approved list of illnesses to be treated, and she has started having visions. In a short amount of time, she begins to learn why her world is how it is and what the truth of the dragon is from her visions.

Gale is a retelling of Shakespeare’s Tempest in a rather lovely way. Some of the story might be spoiled simply by the heading “Gale: A Sci-fi Novella” when the story comes off as a fantasy at first. Gale is so short however, even if someone was to know exactly where the tale was going I would still recommend reading it. In a short period of time you do care for Miranda and wonder how she will take the unraveling of her world, which is perhaps not as old as the people around her claim it is.

The writing is well crafted, the story short yet enticing, and of course a well done retelling is one of my weaknesses.



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