Clang. Clang. Clang.

“Will you cut that out?” she snapped.

He rolled his eyes. “We wouldn’t be in a jail cell and cuffed to the wall if you hadn’t insisted on your stupid plan.”

“We’d also be very bored.”

He couldn’t argue with that, but he didn’t know that being arrested like this was better than that. Disregarding her irritation, he went back to picking his lock.

Clang. Clang. Clang.

She shut her eyes, throwing her head back. It hit against the wall, a lovely wood finish. Maybe if she hit it harder she would pass out and not need to listen to that.

Then his cuffs opened and he dropped down to the ground. “Now. Do you want me to get you out too, or is this too much fun for you?”

“You wanted to get in here,” she reminded him.

He smirked and reached up to release her.

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