The first of many

No moon means no tides, and Nashita couldn’t bring herself to trust a sea so still. She would have flown over it before without hesitation. Now she wouldn’t dare. Leaving her stranded. It would take someone with a lot less care for their own safety to pass over the sea now.

It was why she flitted around this Ria right now. “It would take less than a minute.”

“That’s still a minute over still water,” Nashita retorted.

“If you don’t want to do this, go away already.”

Nashita didn’t know why Ria thought she could fly. She was no fairy. Or any other type of creature that naturally flew. Ria had no wings or anything else to keep her off the ground.

Ria settled the goggles over her eyes.

Nashita scowled. “You wouldn’t be going that fast.”

“Wouldn’t I?”

Nashita might have spent the rest of her long life on that island, separated from the rest of her kind. Or she could take a chance on this child. This child with no sense of danger.
She took the chance.

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