Every day, I awaken in my bed and
I await a time I can throw away this life and
I can be with you

I start to sing as they wish of me
And imagine a moment where I’m not the problem of me
And you

And when you laugh I pretend I am
Not as heavy-hearted and I can give everything I am
Not when I’m with you

Not when I see how much pain there’s in all
What good am I when not enough is all
What I give to you

What is this sound?
Sound that I can’t hear
Hear what I’m saying
Saying words for you

You have given me more than I could ever ask of you
Please don’t lose a moment that I can spend with you
Please be you

Please remember that despite being selfish, what I
Want is for you to be happy, so be happy and ignore that I
Want you

What is this word?
Word I shouldn’t give
Give you the best part of I
I can give to you

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