What she should have done

When it comes down to it, a schedule is simply math.

The amount of hours in a day, the days in a week, the weeks in a month. How long does each task take? How long until the deadline? How to balance it all with the other tasks there are to do? She knows this well, because it’s a lot of fun to put all of this information into a grid. It’s so much fun to figure it out.

Then she has to do it as she has scheduled and it is suddenly less so.

She grinds her teeth. If only there was someone else who actually had to do these things, she decides. Then she could spend more time focusing on how to rearrange everything else. Because these tasks could be done in the time she allotted them. Even without the inspiration she might want going into it, without the drive, it was still possible.

Then how come it was so much fun to put even more in? To know that an entire day would be busy, but that it would be okay, because it would still be possible to accomplish it all?

When it comes down to it, she believes she has missed her calling. And another schedule is made.

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