That’s another story altogether

He met his grandmother the day after his mother did for the first time. Or second. It was hard to tell. Apparently she was two when her mother had disappeared.

His first question tumbled out of his mouth before he could even consider being tactful. “So did you abandon her or what? She never said.”

The old woman didn’t seem phased. She shared his mother’s eyes, he could see the similarity there, so striking, but unlike his mother who was quick to temper, his grandmother didn’t appear to follow that suit. At least, not right now. “I was beaten into a coma and don’t remember the first twenty years of my life still. Now, let’s look at you, smart mouth.”

He didn’t have a word to say to that, as she pulled him in to give him a good once over.
She might have been unphased, but he certainly wasn’t anymore.

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