It could be anyone, chill out

Rowan hovered on the other side of the door.

He could hear René, speaking to someone. To anyone, it didn’t really matter. The point was that René was busy once again. Rowan should have walked away, but he didn’t. He found himself frozen where he was, trying to make out who it was with René. He was curious, that was why. That was all.

He didn’t need to know what they were talking about, that wasn’t what he was trying to do. He just wanted to know who it was. If Rowan had to listen this closely to make out the other voice and so happened to hear what René was saying, well, things like that happened.

It continued as murmurs from this side of the door. He couldn’t tell who it was. What the man and René were talking about. He just didn’t know.

He knew he should leave, but he remained. Tried. Who was it? What were they talking about? Staying wasn’t an option.

He had to.

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