Those outside the office

“What is this?”

Jay didn’t pick up the bracelet, because for all he knew there was some case that Robin had forgotten to tell him about. He would wait for the other man to explain before doing anything. It was a rather pretty thing, he had to admit. Blue flat stones, glimmering silver and violet when the light hit it correctly.

“What is what, Jay?” Robin had barely finished speaking when it sounded as though the rest of the air was driven from his lungs. Jay watched in awe as Robin scrambled over to the desk and snatched the bracelet up. “Oh! This! It’s a present!”

“A present?”

Jay almost chuckled, because the thought that Robin would buy someone something other than a meal he could also partake in was actually rather sweet. Then he realized what that meant. “You… is that for…”

“Oh, don’t tease, please. It’s simply a thank you, nothing more.”

“Then take her out for lunch.” Jay didn’t mean it, not really. Robin liked her. Jay didn’t think it was possible for Robin to like someone like that. His mind was filled too much with bothering Jay and food. He had long since gotten used to it.

“I did! Then she returned the favor! I don’t know what to do! But I thought she might like this. You know, for when she’s not swimming.”

Jay hadn’t considered this. She only appeared to like Robin as a friend and Robin had never given him the impression to see her otherwise. They were from two very different worlds and they appreciated those facts. But those worlds were a little too far apart for more than friendship. Jay hoped he was thinking about this too much and that Robin wasn’t setting himself up for disappointment. Even though her sensibilities would be rather good for him.

“Well, it certainly will suit her. You chose well, Robin.”

“Y-You really think so?”

“You know I don’t spare your feelings.”

Robin let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Jay.”

Jay clapped a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t forget we have a meeting at four.”

“Are you joking? The meeting is dinner at the Milosh! How could I forget?”

No matter how many times Robin surprised him, the baseline remained the same.

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