She was still quite impressed with his attempt

The most annoying sound in the world woke him up a full five hours before he even wanted to consider rousing. He pulled his pillow over his head and tried to ignore it. A hand rested on his shoulder as his wife caught his attention.

At least, whatever existed of his attention at this time in the morning. “Hmm?” She had said something, but he missed it.

“Your alarm is going off, dear.”

His alarm? He wouldn’t do that to himself. She moved the pillow off his head and he stared blearily up at her. “Whut?”

“You wanted to get up earlier today.”

He would remember something like that. “Changed m’ mind.”


She sat him up, like he was a child. At this point, he wouldn’t have minded. It was Saturday, a child would’ve been able to sleep in, right? “Really.”

“I’m making the bed anyway, for once. You can sleep in your chair.”

Like that, he was evicted from his bed. Sleepily he watched her work.

Then remembered why he wanted to be up at a normal time in the morning. “Great.”

Time to get to work.

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