A Simple Life (pt28)

There were many places Coleen could go. Any of them would do. If she was not a dead man, she was still Coleen. There was nothing she could do about a trespasser unless they were nervous and inexperienced (or maybe experienced) enough to let her talk. But her voice wasn’t something to use anymore. Or her body. Or anything.

Something stopped her from moving. The stupidest thing in the world. She gave up so much. She allowed herself to be surrounded by the knights and sent back to the start. Did she really have any pride left?

It was not possible. Then again, it could not have been possible for the person who opened the door to really be there.

Nor could it be possible for that person to call out her name. Coleen. Someone had come here for her.

But they had and they were. Coleen felt her flight instinct return. But she knew she would be heard by now and Coleen had never been a runner. She stepped forward.

“I knew you were alive,” said Faith. “Not at first, but I realized there was more to it than you would let me know.”

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