First Times

Why had he agreed to do this? He had no idea. Aziraphale didn’t look like he wanted to do it either. If anything, he seemed absolutely terrified, sitting there and staring at the wheel in front of him.

“You turn on the car now.” Crowley’s voice didn’t sound like his own. Had he suggested this? Had the angel? Why were they doing this?

Right, because Crowley hadn’t liked the thought that Aziraphale still┬ádidn’t know how to drive. He wasn’t sure why it had ended up that his Bentley was the testing vehicle.*

Aziraphale swallowed. And didn’t do anything.

Crowley moved his sunglasses aside so he could rub his eyes. “Should we get a drink first?”

“Shouldn’t drink and drive,” Aziraphale said automatically, though his expression told Crowley he would like nothing more than to have ten drinks.

“Then just turn on the car,” Crowley tried. “Don’t put it in gear, don’t step on the pedal. Just… turn her on.”

Aziraphale did it.

Are you gonna take me home tonight?

Oh, shit, Crowley thought.

Aziraphale turned off the car. He didn’t have to let it play for longer, he recognized the song by now. He opened the door and got out of the car.

“I didn’t- Angel!” Crowley called after, before hitting the Bentley’s dashboard. “Why do you keep doing┬áthat?”

The Bentley said nothing. She was a car.**


He ran out after him, knowing now matter how he might smooth Aziraphale’s ruffled feathers that they weren’t going to be trying that for at least another year.

*This indeed was a lie, Crowley knew the reason. Because his Bentley would keep him safe. Because his Bentley wouldn’t let Aziraphale drive them right off the road and into some trees or something.

**But if you spoke car, you would hear that she liked Aziraphale very much and it was one of many hints she could give either of them about anything, considering her limited repertoire.

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