October is way too busy

On top of figuring out and not letting yourself procrastinate when it comes to publishing, there is always the other things in life that come to get in the way of Writing. For me, October is that month out of the entire year that I need to balance myself more than ever.

NaNoWriMo is next month. I need to prepare for that. I have a few other events going on this month, which I also still need to prepare for. The biggest problem comes down to not wanting to do what I say I should do, what I need to be doing, and deciding to do the other thing.

Today’s topic (good for all sorts): PRIORITIES

What is wrong with a person who needs something further down the priority list in order to actually do it? Is this my problem? Or is it that I’m not actually sure which of a handful of things is most deserving of the top of the list and I always feel like it is the one I’m not currently doing?

For myself I feel like it is more often the last one. I know there are many people who are overwhelmed with the top of their list. That is why they end up doing the items further down the list first. Those smaller items are easier. And because of waiting on doing the bigger ones, those bigger tasks become bigger and less manageable. This makes sense and is why I think some people need a schedule to make sure they don’t let those tasks get out of control. I’ve done that.

When having several tasks of that nature though, making that list is difficult. It is easy to know these two things are equally important, despite not wanting to do either, and therefore doing nothing as you pretend to try figuring out which one to do first.

I almost wish I procrastinated in the usual way. By actually reading or playing a video game. Because then at least I would have been having fun instead of doing as I was supposed to. But now, I procrastinate by doing nothing but stress over which of the items on my list I should be doing now.

Example, this very post. Written much later than I intended. Yet I can Write something last minute. Not all other tasks can be done like this.

What is the solution? Hell if I know. I will let you know if I come up with something. Indecision 500 here. But it is something I would rather figure out than not and I know I will try to parse out a good answer for myself. In the meantime, I know I have twenty five days to accomplish many things that I’ve known for months I needed to get done this month.


On the other hand, who all is participating in NaNoWriMo? You know where to hit me up if you want to celebrate or commiserate. I assure you I’ll likely be doing both. It is about Writing, after all.

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