Path of Descent

They did not know the direction to go
They simply asked where Heaven stood
When they followed the path that was given
It went down where no one would
For down they went, the path so low
It was correct, showing what no one could
The path only seen when all’s forgiven
Heaven is down from here

Continuing they fell into shadow
They did not once question the direction
They had always a trusting soul
From those encircled, to their own reflection
They gave back what others let go
In return they’d shown only the affection
They’d never been asked for a toll
Heaven is down from here

There is no one else who could ever fall
“Why descend?” the others would cry
As they struggle upward, clutching for peace
Grasping at nothing, with mouths oh so dry
Yet nothing stops, nothing at all
Their path spiraling down they can’t deny
They cannot answer and they do not cease
Heaven is down from here

This is where one will go
When they don’t start below
Perhaps they aren’t so strange
Humanity has range

2 thoughts on “Path of Descent

  1. Interesting. Hey, I am missing you residents of Wyndwyr. Love seeing the photos your mom sends. Many hugs. ❤️




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