You’re hired. Come with me.

With the rest of their tests, the scores were sent on to someone none of them had yet to see, to sift through and determine who amongst them was going to get the job. Tatsu waited impatiently at the door. She managed not to pace, standing there with her hands at her sides.

Four feet tall, Tatsu was a bit more striking because of the blond streak through her jet black hair. The dye job could have been done better, it was as though the hairdresser messed up, because it wasn’t the same lock. It started at the roots of one and went diagonal to hit other locks of hair further down. While it looked strange now, it would look stranger when it grew out beyond the chin length it fell to all around her face.

The others were congratulating Gio. It was true, they had heard a lot of their scores while out on the floor and it was true, out of all of them Gio had consistently gotten the highest. Tatsu said it was still too soon to say. None of the others appeared to mind as much. Out loud, that was.

“Still have hope?” Gio asked. It was hard to tell if he was being proud or boastful with his tone.

Tatsu’s tone was more clear. “Hope? I nailed this one.”

The woman who had walked through everything with them with the clipboard entered, looking confused. “Tatsu?”

Tatsu turned to her with a calm smile. “Yes, ma’am?”

“You’re hired. Come with me.”

“Yes,” she said, with a low key fist pump. Shooting Gio one last smile, the man absolutely stunned, Tatsu followed after her.

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