“Want to listen to me now?”

“Who are you?” Carine asked. “How are you still alive?”

The other frowned, then ran her hands down over her front. “This body isn’t alive. She died, most definitely. But she was the most intact, so I put her back together again. You weren’t listening, after all.”

Carine trembled in place, but held her ground. She was awake. If she wanted answers… “No, that’s not true. She lost her hand. I remember it next to my head.”

“Darling, that was your own hand. Don’t you remember?”

She didn’t, but for some reason she didn’t think the possessed body was lying. Though it made just as much sense as what Carine had thought had happened. “No. Look at me, I’m fine.”

“You weren’t the only one to die that day, you know.”

Carine hugged herself. “A lot of people died. I’m one of the few people who… who didn’t.”

“No, you definitely died. But I wouldn’t touch that dress if I were you.”

They both looked down at it, hidden under the snow. It hadn’t been snowing the day she walked back home. It wasn’t the season. So how had it gotten here?

“Want to listen to me now?” the other asked.

“No,” said Carine. Then she ran away.

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