Either about writing or life, pick your choice

As if to remind me that I’m still paying dividends
to an unknown force for the use of this process,
it appears when I least expect it,
accept it,
well at least when I least suspect it
The clash of myself and this efficacy
tends to favour me a little less
and will always inject it,
connect it,
well at least I can’t eject it
But it’s not all bad, because without the fear
this thing uses in its desire to oppress,
I would neglect it,
or object it,
well at least try to correct it
but at most I can respect it

One thought on “Either about writing or life, pick your choice

  1. Love how you explore the often unexplainable in your drabbles … well done!

    Makes me wonder what is this thing … this unknown force … this oppressor you experience (or perhaps you are simply reflecting this experience as reported by others).

    I know of a positive force that is all over that entity like light on shadow … it simply makes the opposite of light retreat and eventually vanish.

    Perception is powerful and the architecture of life is amazing … I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you next time we meet. 💖


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