Better than resolutions

​List of things to believe in:

1. Myself. Pretty good idea, as he keeps telling me.

2. Bike. Because if I think about how fast I’m going downhill on something with two wheels for too long I might panic. Because what if I fall off at that speed? I could die! Or worse, break my wrist!

“What are you writing?” his boyfriend asked, sitting down on the other side of the futon.
He paused, pulling the pad of paper down into his lap. “Oh, just a list of things to be optimistic about.”

His boyfriend stretched out across the way. He moved the pad out of his lap for the other’s head to land there. “Cool. Am I on there?”

“Of course.”

3. My boyfriend​. Who bought me the bike so I would stop complaining about taking the bus.

One thought on “Better than resolutions

  1. Great sense of humor – fun relationship.

    What do these guys look like? Can you revisit this drabble with a few physical descriptors?


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