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“What sort of festival is this?” Zale asked.

Vidvan wrapped his cloak around himself. “A celebration of the tide. This time of year it ebbs very low and they believe making offers to the gods will bring the tide back to the level it is the rest of the year.”

Zale stared out at the festive banners, at the crowds dressed in bright greens and blues, lined with reds and yellows. “This is the time of year for a low tide?”

The older man nodded. “Yes, it is odd. Not the same as the surrounding areas. It certainly does make it seem as though the gods are focused on this particular spot to draw the waters away.”

Vidvan didn’t believe that was the answer though, Zale could tell. He smiled. “Or an interesting creature with an annual tradition.”

“That would be more likely.”

The excitement in that single sentence was contagious. “Perhaps we should see if we can find it.”

“Zale, my boy, if only Deston was as adventurous as you,” Vidvan praised. That said, the two of them made their way through the festival.

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