Real world solutions

“Three million.”

She looked up from her tablet, over the rims of her glasses. “I believe the meeting is over.” Her voice wasn’t sweet. It was matter-of-fact. She had spent a lot of time training her voice to be normal for humans.

“I got permission to offer three, instead of two point eight.”

Placing the tablet on her lap, she took off her glasses, folding them and putting them in her pocket. “The meeting is over. The offer for that transaction is rescinded.” Putting her hands on her wheels, she pulled herself back from the table.

The human was staring at her fin. Of course. Then again, she didn’t hide it. That would be pointless. She hated having it, but not every story was a Disney’s Little Mermaid solution. Some people had to learn how to survive on the surface without magically sprouting legs.

“Tell your boss that the next time this project will be offered, it will be for four million. No less. The meeting is over.”

The mermaid rolled away.

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