After the first case

“Hello there! Jay, was it?”

Jay paused, a moment before entering his office. There was that strange man, who had somehow managed to crack open the case of the Monsoon Pendant with what had appeared like sheer luck. It had been been obnoxious and a great relief. Sometimes, in the path of being a private eye, taking luck where it came was the best thing to do. However, putting certain common sense on the wayside was a bit grating.

“Robin. I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Are you? I know I am! I was surprised that when I looked around, I found your office not all that far away from where my apartment is! What were the chances?”

Jay looked over at the nearest residency complex. “People live there, so it only makes sense that I would meet one of them on a case at some point.”

“That’s true!” Robin had an everlasting energy that Jay wasn’t sure made him tired or made him want to get moving. “Doing anything interesting now? Or is that classified? Everyone works a different way-”

“I simply have some paperwork I need to get to. It was nice to see you again, Robin, but I must finish up some organization.”

Robin probably had more to say, but Jay made his way inside before the other man could speak. He had the feeling he would be seeing him again.

Whether he wanted to or not.

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