Their Will

Zale struggled against the current, which had shifted out of nowhere. The signs he had looked for within the water had not warned him of this surprising change until it was too late. It had been years since the waters had surprised him in such a way. His boat stayed upright in the tumultuous waves, but barely. Only through the expert craft of its creation and every single drop of knowledge he had learned in managing it did they so survive the ocean.

Yet Zale knew better. No matter how much talent, skill, or luck anyone could have, sometimes it was never enough to combat the wrath of the Sea Gods. And this time it felt as though multiple had been angered, a comparison he never would have made before.

There was no moment when Zale consciously realized they were going down. The gradual knowledge that his situation was unavoidable gave him time to mentally give his boat the farewell it deserved as he continued the struggle.

By the whims of the Gods, Zale and his boat disappeared into the sea’s foam.

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