Emine (pt 10)

“Emine.” Sanni stroked Emine’s hair back, the few strands that were even long enough to reach her face. “I don’t want you to worry too much, but apparently we’re having troubles with the shades.”

Emine tried to remember anything about the shades. “They… they’ve taken over the southwest coasts, right?”

Sanni nodded, leaning back in her chair. Emine liked their new rooms better than Sanni’s old ones. Though she continued to regret saying as such to Sanni. “They massacred the merfolk. It’s why they’re extinct. We’ve kept them at bay… They haven’t been seen outside the water in over twenty years. Since I was your age.”

The dragons spent long enough discussing other things before acting sooner than anyone else might think. “What does that mean?”

“A lot more motion. They won’t suffer a shade on their land.” Sanni’s smile turned a bit wry. “What we have to worry about are tempers. I can count the dragons on one hand who can keep their calm completely when dealing with shades.”

“Ramar more snippy?”

Sanni’s smile twisted as she tried not to laugh. “Don’t let her hear you say that.”

When at fault, take responsibility

There are killers in the forest, they always said at the same time as I looked out the window, fingers itching and ready to go exploring. Never go into the forest alone.

Now that I’ve made that mistake, let me tell you… They were right. There are definitely killers in the woods. And I may have given them the key to get out.

No freaking out now though. And I’m not making it up. We have to do something to make sure they can’t cross the bridge. People say that there is something about bridges and doors that keep evil on the other side, but hoo boy. Let me tell you something. That only counts before someone does it first. If I’d never gone…

Am I too calm? Probably. I’ve had some time to think about my mistakes. That, and it’s in my head now. Don’t worry, it can’t do anything. Yet.

So yeah, I need your help.