When not taking sides is a side

If there was something Evrard didn’t know how to deal with, it was standing in between his brother and his husband when the two of them were having a row.

“Sorry, I didn’t remember that your thing was on.” Ganelon shrugged, well in his sass mode. “You know me, blanking out on everything.”

The way Troy’s face was trying to contort (against an attempt at remaining calm) said that Evrard was going to hear about this as soon as they got home. Ganelon had crossed a line and Troy was trying to play nice. Evrard could tell, because Troy glanced over at him, the veins in his neck working as he tried not to say anything.

Evrard had tried that too. In fact, this was the first time Troy hadn’t immediately tried to defend himself. Though Troy might have antagonized Ganelon first. Might have. Evrard could never tell.

He hesitated for too long and Troy took that as permission to speak up for himself. His bad.

“I wouldn’t blame you for that. We’ll do our best to remind you of the things you forget. You need all the help you can get.”

Subtleness had gone out the window at this point. Evrard looked toward the window. It would be obvious if he went out the door. Maybe if he dropped out the window neither would notice or ask for him to take sides.

“You shouldn’t. I know you’ve got your hands full with… you know. All that stuff you do.”

Yep, this was getting bad. Evrard shifted for the door, then decided that stealth was pointless.

“Evrard? Where are you going?”

He looked at Troy, then at Ganelon. His brother knew what was going on. Apparently, not taking sides was siding with his brother.

Oh well. “Out,” Evrard said, then ran for it.