A Gift for Life and Death (pt3)

Forgiveness had a general idea of where they were headed. Pup listened to their directions as they gave them. Forgiveness didn’t often talk a lot – not in comparison to his master and the sower. When they thought about where they might find what they were looking for, they kept quiet, not speaking aloud as even other mortals might. It was a silence of complete clarity. They weren’t hiding anything by being silent. That was not their intention. They simply had nothing to say yet, so they would say it when they had thought of it.

The hound had no idea about phoenix. They weren’t in his purview. His master dealt with phoenix and the angel let him know why. Phoenix do not die for long, as they are reborn just after their end.

Pup’s tail whipped back and forth in excitement. He wanted to meet such a creature. One that didn’t belong to his master. That had to be exciting. Everything belonged to his master, at the end of what they were doing here. Not that Pup’s master told him what they did after they belonged to him.

The both of them traveled for some time. Forgiveness passed that time by talking to the hound about things that the sower had been up to and other conversations they had had with his master. He liked hearing about those things. The sower was really nice too. His master really liked her as well. It was nice, his master usually pretended not to like things like that. Other than his hound, of course. No one would believe that Pup’s master did not love him.

They flew over the terrain. Which was a matter of speaking. It was the angel who had the wings, after all, but the hound had the speed and barely left a mark upon the ground as he passed through. Unlike his master, who could not move without leaving an imprint of his existence. Unlike the sower, who made the opposite mark upon the ground. Pup took it all in, inhaling as they passed through river, forest, mountain, desert, able to taste the LIFE and DEATH which permeated every single breath through the canals of his skull which mimicked a form of nasal passage.

An odd clicking sound slowed him, especially as the angel’s grip went from simply hanging on to using his spine as a way to look around without falling off. Something powerful, the hound knew. Forgiveness gave it a name, but it didn’t mean all that much to Pup. All he knew was that it sensed large and in charge.


At times like this, he had learned better than to ask “why me”. The other man chattered away at his ear like a woman. In fact, his companion might have been flattered by the comparison. He didn’t know.

The real question is why he had let the man accompany him at all. It certainly didn’t help with business. He wasn’t even sure if it made the travels appear faster. Perhaps it was his way of making his life seem longer. Gods knew how short people tended to live when constantly on the road.

“-and that’s when I said… are you listening?”

“Of course I’m listening,” he replied automatically. Looking at the other man, he couldn’t tell if the expression was that of delight or disappointment.

“Darling, that was part of the story.”

Why him indeed. He should have kept his mouth shut.

You will never know

“Sorry, we were having a discussion that neither of us want to repeat.”

The older girl rose an eyebrow. The blonde sat on her trunk, where he struggled to get out. She didn’t know what the point was in hiding him, when the blonde girl had already admitted to his presence. “Um… yes?”

“So we’re cool?”

“Tell her I give in,” he moaned from in her suitcase.

The older girl decided not to ask. “Look. I just came in to say the train is arriving… probably sooner than you can refill your luggage.”

She left them to repack.