Trains move fast

As it turned out, being immortal didn’t make him very wise. It just kind of made him desperate.

“Couldn’t you have waited until the train wasn’t rushing by?” his companion chided, helping out by making it so that the pieces of his body wouldn’t have to go as far to return to him. The other man didn’t flinch when picking up the flaps of skin and shredded muscle. Fortunately for him, it seemed.

“The train was so gatdammned long.” His jaw was back in place now, so he could talk about it. Probably why the other waited so long to ask him what the deal was.

“Now you have to wait even longer. You didn’t even save any time, you wasted it. Especially considering just how far down the tracks the rest of you likely is by now.”

He sighed. He was going to be hearing about this for weeks, if not months. “Well, if ya bring my leg over here, I’ll be able to walk to the rest of me.”

“I’m feeling unappreciated.”

“Come on, you’re plenty ‘ppreciated. Just because I’m grumpy don’t mean a thing about the level of appreciation.”

“Hm. Perhaps you even mean that.”

The rest of the evening was spent piecing him back together.


There was a train on the track. James retied his sneakers. Mercedes stood next to him, hands on her hips.

“What. What even.”

The way her nostrils flared out with every irritated snort was something that was more pronounced in this cold weather. It was Mercedes idea that they be a bit more active. Not driving everywhere active, but really active active. It was James’ idea that they run the track to make sure they get the minimum in ever day.

Like most of James’ ideas, somehow it was ruined. Today, it was by a train.

“When did that get there?” Mercedes demanded of the passing penguins.

One of them honked. James squeezed the bridge of his nose. “We could go and run up and down the river instead?”

“And have the wind make fun of me? Last time it called you fat. The wind’s a jerk.”

“The wind doesn’t have sole possession of the riverside.”

As far as Mercedes was concerned, it did. They had to find somewhere else to run though, rather than the track. The train wasn’t theirs to move, after all. That was up to the triceratops who wanted their vote.