What is still close

“You have done well by your people, my lady.”

Nemissa nodded, watching as Fletcher picked up his cup. He ate, drank, much like any other being. Other than the oddities of his appearance, she wouldn’t have called him undead. “I have been left with the best of tools to do well by.”

“No one has answered me about what happened to the Baron of Castlehaven.”

In an instant, Nemissa felt her breath leave her. A subject she had never thought to speak of again, brought up by this stranger. He appeared to notice how his lack of decorum affected her.

“I apologize. That was improper of me, nor any of my business.”

“I suppose it is curious, a baroness without her baron.” Her reply was nearly breathless. She should have had more control then that, but for some reason she didn’t. For some reason it hurt all over again, right when she couldn’t afford for it to. Not with anyone around.

Fletcher hesitated. “More that your son has no father. My apologies. Again, it is none of my business. And it certainly has had no outwardly ill affect on your heir. He is a delightful child.”

Nemissa could breathe again. “That he is. I almost don’t deserve him.”

The undead chuckled. “Almost?”

“I am the Baroness of Castlehaven.”

“Ah. Good point.”

The Baron of Castlehaven

The inhuman roar preempted the shaking of the doors by a total of five seconds. Nemissa’s breath caught in her throat. Either mucus or blood streamed down from her nose, she couldn’t tell. It would all feel the same in a moment.

“My lady?”

“There’s nowhere to run now. He’s here.” Giving up wasn’t an option though. She didn’t have that opportunity. “Where is my son?”


“Thank you,” she told her chamberlain. Wiping off her face, she saw that very little of it was blood. Satisfied, she stood up on her chair.

“My lady?”

“Be ready to defend yourself.” Nemissa yanked the window curtain down, jumping back off of the chair as the rod clattered to the ground. She knelt down, picking it up.

The chamberlain swallowed, then cast his eye about. “Y-yes, my lady.”

He would hesitate to strike against his lord. As much as she would hesitate to strike her husband. But the man out there was no longer her husband. Whatever this illness had done to him, he was no longer there.

She shifted her hands around the rod and faced the doors. They shook again – they wouldn’t be able to hold up for much longer. “Ready?”

Her chamberlain had picked up a chair. Less reach, more mass. “As much as I can be.”

“That makes the both of us.”

The creature then entered the room and the two of them descended upon the Baron with their weapons.

The Baroness of Castlehaven

When Nemissa moved into her husband’s castle, she knew she might get in trouble.

The bed was huge and the mattress even more exquisite than the ridiculous ones her parents had always bought for her. Of course it was for two, there was that impression her new husband had to make. She supposed it was new, just for this fact. Probably even more comfortable than it had any right of being.

All she wanted to do was jump on it. She sat down on the edge of it and carefully removed her shoes. Fortunately, her dress came down far enough that no one would be able to tell, if anyone were to come in. Pulling her legs up on the bed, she pushed herself to stand upright again and bounced a little bit.

She could never do this with her previous beds. Her body went up and down, the fight against gravity real. Nemissa couldn’t help but smile. This was what she had wanted when she was a girl. Other than all of the swimming and climbing… bouncing on a bed. She bent her knees and jumped as high as she could, repeating it as soon as she hit the mattress again. Her dress flared out around her, probably showing off her feet and ankles to anyone who came in. Which was no one. A giggle escaped her.


Nemissa was not easily embarrassed. It was not in her nature, nor in her station. As she stumbled and turned to the door, where her husband stood. Was he appalled? Amused? She flushed.

Then she said the only thing she could think of to salvage the situation. “Care to join me?”