Still can get published

He held his phone up for his sister to read. “Tell me what’s wrong here.”

She squinted, taking the phone from him to look at the news site. “I can’t read this, there’s a reason I still like the newspaper.”

“Or the computer.” He didn’t bother giving any other reminds, simply reaching over to zoom in. Unfortunately, it meant she wouldn’t have to search to find what he was talking about.

“…’that’s my favorite carton’?”

“Well, it’s an article about Sunday mornings. Maybe it’s about breakfast and not the TV.”

Proof positive proofreading was necessary, computer spell check or no.

Better than gold

When she followed the tail to the ground, she found shattered glass shards of every colour. With a frown, she looked around. No one else was here. Satisfied, she picked a few up.

“Do you believe in leprechauns?” Her voice carried enough to be heard in the radio at her belt, though she didn’t speak loudly.

The voice on the other end sighed. “I believe how you spell it is stupid.”

Not likely to get an actual response from Control, she gathered up the rainbow’s loot.