Spears (pt3)

As always at the end of her shift, Azzah began to feel tired. She could just taste the drink from town already, something that always came at the end of their day to quench the thirst that grew at the same rate as the sunlight slanting through the distant forest’s treetops.

They were at a prime location, here in Hirka. The forest lay right down the way, a great expanse of trees for everything the people might need to take from it. In the other direction lay the waters, for anyone who wanted to make the few day trip. Everything within their reach. The only better place to live in the entire land had to be the Emperor’s Lake. Even then, Hirka was better. Azzah might have held a little bias.

“The Lel’ul should be back soon,” Reem said.

Azzah glanced back at the Lel’ul’s private home. Doing his bidding was their top priority and this was what he wanted of them. Defend this strange house. He had told them once that the idea for it came from some far off land. It fascinated Azzah, though she wasn’t sure she would ever want to live in it. It looked to have more space than anyone needed.

“He went to see the emperor, right?” Azzah asked.


“Do you know what it was about?”

Her spear-sister shrugged. “Probably the usual. You know how it is.”

Azzah did, but it didn’t mean she understood. Politics were above her. All she knew was how to fit into the position Reem had led her to. She knew how to be a spearwoman and that was all.

Spears (pt2)

Unable to conceal her pride, Azzah retracted her arm and slid her spear to where she normally carried it, slung against her back. “Time to perfect techniques. The best gift this post has bestowed on us.”

Reem placed her own spear at her back as well. The wood of her spear was much darker than Azzah’s. It was slightly longer too, but only by a few finger widths. The same amount that she was shorter than Azzah by. Barely enough for most people to notice. “You had just complained about missing the rush of battle.”

“I do still. In a way. I miss flushing out the jackals. I miss the territory dispute with Ngagna. I miss using the spear.” Azzah shifted to her side of the house’s entrance, a brick archway of wall leading inside a place she had never seen. “Yet I am quite content to be better.”

“There’s no one better than us, Azz, but I’m glad you recognize that it takes continued effort to make sure we remain there.”

Azzah might have disputed that. The Emperor’s daughter, Masozi, was known to be the best spearwoman in the land. Yet could she take on the both of them? Azzah doubted it. The two of them together were the best. But Reem meant for them to be better, not only better than everyone else.