In the moment

She loved a good sunset. Sunrises were good too, so she heard, but they took place at a time she had devoted to other interests. Like sleeping.

“If you went to sleep earlier, you wouldn’t be sleeping through the sunrise,” her boyfriend said.

“If I went to sleep earlier, we would miss the sunset.” She placed her head against his shoulder, since them sitting there worked like that.

He put an arm around her. “We could do this in the morning too.”

“Could we do both?”

He frowned, staring at the colours fading into darkness. “You’d have to go to bed, like, right after this.”

“Or when we’re older we can move to a place where the sunrise and sunset don’t happen that far away from each other.”

For a moment, he didn’t seem to understand that. Then he thought it through again. “Do you want really long days or really long nights?”

She shrugged. “As long as there’s a sunset, does it matter?”

To her it didn’t. And he just wanted her happy, so he thought through the logistics as her imagination followed the colours of the setting sun.

When the mind disagrees

She could not sleep.

Trying not to toss or turn, she stared at the ceiling and waited. It never used to be this difficult to sleep. Not at the proper time for it. Her husband looked up at her from his phone.

“Still can’t sleep?”

It appeared that she hadn’t fooled anyone. She sat up, trying not to act embarrassed. “I’m just not tired.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” The light from his phone went off, leaving them both in the dark they could now both see in.

She smiled, shaking her head. “Tell you? It’s always been like this for you.”

“Wanna know what it is I do when I can’t sleep then?”

While she was curious, she couldn’t help but tease first. “I thought I was. Lazing about and staring at your phone. Maybe midnight meals? I never question where all of the leftovers always go.”

“Ah, there you go, only getting half of my crimes.” That smile of his, so clear in the dark.


She took his hand and they left the room.


The first time it happened, Jin almost kicked him off. He lit a candle beforehand though, enough to wake himself up and consider the situation.

“You’re not a dog,” he said to Ling. “Go back to bed.”

However, despite the fact Ling had just gotten there, the boy was asleep at the foot of Jin’s bed without any preamble. Jin considered shoving him off. He considered picking him up and moving him back to his own bed, then decided both took more effort than he wanted to bother with.

With a sigh, Jin extinguished the candle and went back to sleep.

Siblings are there for this

His brother slept, not much of a surprise. He looked over him, lying there. His brother deserved to sleep, the performance had been exhausting. He felt it too and he wasn’t in charge of as many things as his brother was. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him from really wanting to do something right now.

Reaching down, he poked him in the cheek.

His brother’s nose wrinkled, then returned back to its resting state. He poked him again, on the nose.

A hand came up, waving away at nothing because he had retracted his own hand quickly. A grin grew on his face. Then he poked his brother’s chin.

“Go to sleep,” his brother said clearly.

Grin faded, he retreated back to his kip.

Not all that afraid

He looked into the room. She was asleep, oddly enough. As difficult as it was to get her to sleep when the sun went down, he was afraid to ruin it by coming closer. Yet he never did as he thought he should and he crept across the room, the light in the hallway obscured enough by the door not to light up the room.

In the dark, he looked down at her prone form. So small. He reached down, smoothing the fine hair at the top of her skull back, relishing in the touch.

“Night, babe.”

She slept on, thankfully. He leaned down and kissed her nose, which wrinkled slightly. Still asleep. He grinned, reaching out with a hand.

Only to be stopped by the sound of someone standing in the doorway, darkening the room further. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the disapproval on his wife’s face.

Don’t wake her up, she mouthed at him.

Of course, he mouthed back. However, playtime was over. He left his daughter alone and went to put himself to bed.