He’ll do a lot for him

Finding Shachaf was going to prove whether he really had the stomach for this entire game. Zamir thought back on previous arguments with his brother.

In none of them had he ever claimed that Shachaf chose an easy thing to do with his time. Back when neither of them would have had to work. They had both chosen to, though. Zamir had become a businessman.

Shachaf had not.

Zamir stared at the paper with his hastily written directions, then at the establishment he’d been led to. He swore.

His job might not take him back if he was caught in a place like this.

Looking for Shachaf

“I’m looking for my brother.”

The man on the bench stared at Zamir as though he were speaking another language. If Zamir hadn’t seen him speaking and listening in this language just the day before, he would have thought he’d gotten the wrong man. For man it was, despite the feathers which grew from his skull in place of hair.

“Shachaf. I know you worked with him. I’ve seen you talk before.”

The standstill held a moment longer, before the avian man broke out in a wide grin. His teeth were impossibly crooked. “Looking for the person who does the looking?”

Zamir sighed. Why had Shachaf dealt with such people all the time?

Underlying message

The paper had three words on it. Thank you. Goodbye.

Zamir sat down. His brother was never this straight forward. There had to be a secret message behind these three words. He had been deciphering his brother’s words for years now. Nothing that Shachaf did was behind Zamir’s understanding, much to Shachaf’s irritation.

There was nothing else behind these words. Shachaf was gone. This was beyond Zamir’s understanding.

Had things really been that bad? Shachaf couldn’t have gone too far. Zamir would prepare to find him and bring him back. They would talk about this. His brother didn’t get to run away from him.

Folding up the paper, he placed it into his breast pocket and stood back up.