That is the colour of you
You chose it before you meant to and it stuck
Your eyes reflect its special life only you can see
Before them you see the world
Spreading out around you
Nothing it what it seems

It is the colour of you
Constantly arguing your fashion is not worth it
So you ignore words that spread around you, words unimportant
Pulling on gloves to fingers so thin
To give you false sense of touch
You are too clever

It is the colour of you
And everything else, scoffing as you continue being you
No one expects something from that confidence
You could fool them all, but to hide what ambition?
Wrapped in her red velvet
Which wasn’t hers

It is the colour of you
Your eyes so selfish, seeing so few
Who will you find time to stop for?
On the side of the road, wondering where to go
Your eyes are too blind and you expect too much
It is not fair

That is the colour of you
You chose it well
Your eyes reflect its secrets
So regal in the colour only you can wear
You are right, it hides all of your wrongs
Nothing is what it seems