Off the edge

It was two hundred feet to the ground. Ria adjusted her goggles.

“Are you insane? You can’t beat a dragon!”

She took a couple of breaths. “I’m not trying to beat him, Nashita. I’m just proving I can do it.”

“Why do you have to prove anything?”

Her gloves felt warm, her chest tight. Ria knew it was because of the start of her adrenaline rush. “Are you coming or not?”

The fairy flitted under her hat. “We better not be flattened.”

Ria smiled. “Of course not.” Looking afar, the dragon’s golden eyes stared deep within her. She grinned back at him.

Then she stepped off the edge.

If he’d just responded in the first place

Dae-jung stared ahead toward the finish line. It wasn’t that far. This wasn’t a matter of endurance.

“Hey, good luck.”

This was. It would take more energy than he was willing to expend not to roll his eyes at Gener’s words, so he rolled his eyes.

Gener stretched beside him, unaffected by Dae-jung’s attitude. “If I keep a close enough eye on your back, I think I’ll do good.”

Why did this man never take this seriously? Dae-jung deigned not to answer, focusing. If he ignored him, maybe Gener would shut up.

Gener did not shut up. “Can you see Girlie at all? She came to watch me, you think?”

Dae-jung shut his eyes. “I’m trying to focus, Gener.”

“Me too. She told me she’d come to watch.”

Dae-jung spent too much time groaning and missed the starting cue.