With Him

Sitting across the table from the one you most adore
The words flowing freely from your lips, and from his
The table is filled to the brim with your preferred set
And he sits there with his own as you lead the way
It’s a day in the life, a day from this day on
Sitting across from him

Sitting across the table from the one you most trust
The silence is comfortable when it is with him
He eats from every plate with unabashed pleasure
And you take a sip as you offer him more
It’s a day in the life, a day from this day on
Sitting across from him

He calls it a night when you know it’s time
And the both of you leave side by side
He takes the wheel and takes it slow
(At least slower than he did before)
It’s a day in the life, a day from this day
Sitting next to him

He calls it a night when you pull in to park
And you have to tempt him to later
It’s not all that hard and the night goes on
With more talk and drink inside
It’s a day in the life, a day from this day
Sitting next to him

You should tell him to go, it’s about that time
But he’s so comfortable sitting there
You can’t make that call and you let him be
Quite happy to see him in the morning
it’s a day in the life, a day from this day
With him still there

You should tell him what’s up
But he’s so comfortable with how it is
You can’t make that call and you keep mum
Quite happy to be allowed to see him in the morning
It’s a day in the life, a day from this night
With him still there

When he wakes up he is on the couch
And he is in the armchair
He’s not that far away
A fingertip’s breadth away
It’s a day in the life
With him

How to describe emotions from your head

It is like a hand reaches in to grasp at your heart
That feeling in your chest
It’s not really in your chest, yet it clenches there
And trying to explain it rationally
Simply bunches it under your ribs
It is supposed to be fingers splayed across your brain
Yet it feels in your chest
Where it squirms down into your stomach
And telling it to go away
Means nothing to your throat
It crushes your breath, your heart, your insides
Eyes lighting up upon an object
Eyes lighting up in rapt attention
Eyes meeting eyes
And the feeling is in your chest
But what about theirs?

I was told

I was told that I would feel something the last time
When there was nothing the first time
But no one mentioned that they didn’t know
Everyone said that they knew everything

I was told that it would only hurt a little
When it was meant to hurt a lot
But no one mentioned that they had hurt too
That it only hurt less in retrospect

I was told that I would understand when I was older
When I actually understood it better when I was younger
But no one mentioned they had forgot it too
Everyone though they were telling the truth

I was told I would be one thing
When I was really another
But no one actually knew
Everyone thought they were better

I said I would feel more the first time
And decide where I stood on the last
No one else could speak for me
Everyone could just listen
I know me

At the end of the series

I wouldn’t know where to say we started
It seems as if it’s always been
Then again
When you’re with friends
Time doesn’t play fair
Death started everything
And a stupid gift of life ended it

Strange, don’t you think?
You go off to become educated
When back before we were just punks on the street
And I don’t know where to go
I used to be the leader of three
He is where he wants to be
And the last of us is too

Seems like that’s finally it
I am free
Cut away from being in someone else’s name
Would you laugh if I said I miss it?
You’d probably agree
Being in charge of ourselves is new again
But when were we ever out of control?

Besides always, I mean


That is the colour of you
You chose it before you meant to and it stuck
Your eyes reflect its special life only you can see
Before them you see the world
Spreading out around you
Nothing it what it seems

It is the colour of you
Constantly arguing your fashion is not worth it
So you ignore words that spread around you, words unimportant
Pulling on gloves to fingers so thin
To give you false sense of touch
You are too clever

It is the colour of you
And everything else, scoffing as you continue being you
No one expects something from that confidence
You could fool them all, but to hide what ambition?
Wrapped in her red velvet
Which wasn’t hers

It is the colour of you
Your eyes so selfish, seeing so few
Who will you find time to stop for?
On the side of the road, wondering where to go
Your eyes are too blind and you expect too much
It is not fair

That is the colour of you
You chose it well
Your eyes reflect its secrets
So regal in the colour only you can wear
You are right, it hides all of your wrongs
Nothing is what it seems

Looking out/up/other

Is there life out there?
Past everything set gingerly on the shelves
Stars shine down night and day
Where the speed shoots down the old and pastes up the new
A planet named after war stays the loudest of all silent grace
The namesake of dark soaks up nothing of space

Is there anything worth looking for?
Changes occur past the blinds
Nothing is different from this far away
The same stories on an endless loop of boredom and excitement
The light of day consistent for only so long
The moon losing the cycle strong

Is there life out there?
Or is it as fake as what is created for screens?
Is it a pretend you thought as an echoed array?
Through the door as lies and deceit
Nothing, just nothing, ever so sweet
As the life you wait for out there

Where they Belong

What is so expecting?
Dripping life, newly come from death
Beautiful where it is, stay there
Nothing to do with metal minds, nothing so

What is so flawless?
It is perfection, broken perfection
Minds crazed from the sight of superiority gone mad
Bodies pierced with metal, so helpful

How did they become like this?
The last was his while none were theirs
Certainly those from before were not at fault
Someone to be blamed must be present

He wishes it was him
The broken work he was brought to, inherited
Nothing more to deconstruct when all is destroyed
One can look from the inside

How many things can live in the same space?
Inside where one should be alone

Nothing can be understood while locked away
No one is so superior as to forget that
Except when lost, lost in themselves
From all others

How can such deep holes be filled?
Inside there was something to understand
It just wasn’t what they were looking for
So he takes it


Born in a turn of fate
One as dark as the inside who could find a way
A lone way
Are you alone? But not lost
Only to the gold is the path clear
Others only interfere
If only they knew, understood
How they hurt more than helped
How much more you knew and so you did
Death lays in your wake
All you can see
Ignore it
Above them all
Now all you must do is make them see it
And all will be well as the sand tumbles down
All will be well
For you


Colours of the masses, splashed upon the hills
It is spring and they have come once again
Nothing will stop them (one can hope)
And all summer we watch the flowers sway in the wind
Fingers grazing petals, one can’t understand
What special life enters through the roots
As autumn falls and the colours stain
Another canvas of matching hues
When winter comes and takes it all away
Hands reaching out, one can’t understand
The time until the colours come again

I don’t remember what this one is about

Spec across space
Fire upon light
One drop causes the sound
You only smile
What could have gone wrong?
What made this a game?
Answer of answers of questions

Another voice joins yours
A warped version of a safe face
It is too much
Waiting is beyond believe
Dripping mouth
Stained teeth

That is not allowed
With drops there
Added to the mix
What could have happened?
A young child’s heart?
Cause such a person
To spawn from these depths

It comes
You waited so long
But now it’s worth it
Leave the others behind
Look for another, someone new
Is this what is fun?
What else could you do?

(you agree with a dulcet tone
why else? they wouldn’t leave you alone)