Spears (pt2)

Unable to conceal her pride, Azzah retracted her arm and slid her spear to where she normally carried it, slung against her back. “Time to perfect techniques. The best gift this post has bestowed on us.”

Reem placed her own spear at her back as well. The wood of her spear was much darker than Azzah’s. It was slightly longer too, but only by a few finger widths. The same amount that she was shorter than Azzah by. Barely enough for most people to notice. “You had just complained about missing the rush of battle.”

“I do still. In a way. I miss flushing out the jackals. I miss the territory dispute with Ngagna. I miss using the spear.” Azzah shifted to her side of the house’s entrance, a brick archway of wall leading inside a place she had never seen. “Yet I am quite content to be better.”

“There’s no one better than us, Azz, but I’m glad you recognize that it takes continued effort to make sure we remain there.”

Azzah might have disputed that. The Emperor’s daughter, Masozi, was known to be the best spearwoman in the land. Yet could she take on the both of them? Azzah doubted it. The two of them together were the best. But Reem meant for them to be better, not only better than everyone else.

Spears (pt1)

The house Azzah and Reem watched over was different than the thatched roofed houses in town. It was made of brick and wood, standing square. Its walls held up a roof with two sides to it. It was larger than the rounded walls and roofs of the other homes. Azzah imagined it required more supports on the inside to hold it up. It was an odd sight outside the town of Hirka. Yet it had stood here for years, longer than either Azzah or Reem had lived in this place. Azzah was used to it now, but she still thought it strange.

Reem shook her head. It was shorn free of hair, displaying the freckles which covered most of her face. “You can make a bit more distance without sacrificing your poise.”

Azzah shifted her hands on her spear’s shaft and struck forward again. Reem’s advice was almost always something Azzah already knew, but would forget about during the moment. Or the weapon would shift in her hand and she would forget to compensate. Reem didn’t have these problems.

“Better. Do it faster.”

Azzah smirked. She shared many physical characteristics with her spear-sister. Dark brown hair had also been cut away into nothing. They had the same dark brown eyes. Azzah didn’t have freckles, but the shape of her face carried the same strength. The two of them could have been blood-sisters, not just spear-sisters. Azzah returned back to a standing position. For a moment, the both of them stood there in silence, then Azzah lunged forward to bridge the distance between them. Her spearhead, still covered, passed right by Reem’s arm.

Reem knocked the shaft of her own spear against Azzah’s. “Better.”