The moon was missing

The moon was missing.

Every night as she went to sleep, it was there. Right outside her window. She always saw it there. Now, startled awake by something she no longer remembered, she looked outside and saw nothing.

Well, she saw the rest of the neighborhood block below and the stars above, but she wasn’t looking for those things. She was looking for the moon. Continuing to not find it caused her to panic, throwing her covers off and running out of her room.

Her mother’s door was still open, meaning she wasn’t in bed yet. So she went downstairs, where her mother was in the kitchen. “Mom! Mom, the moon is gone!”

Her mother put down her coffee cup. “The moon? Where did it go?”

“It’s not outside my window! It’s always outside my window!”

The girl’s mother hoisted her up, resting her against her hip and walked the both of them outside. They both looked up and behold! There was the moon!

“It watches over the rest of the world too, baby. It greets you goodnight, but then it has to move on to greet other little girls goodnight.”

Seeing the moon in the sky was much more of a relief than her mother’s words, but she nodded anyway.

“Now, let’s go back to bed.”

Mother and daughter returned inside.

Then the animals ate the crumbs

In the light of day it had been a silly thought. In the irrational darkness though, that of three o’clock in the morning, it was logical that they have an adventure.

“She’s going to be mad,” said the little girl as her brother helped her out the window.

“She’s always mad. Maybe that’s why daddy likes her.”

She nibbled a bit on her bread. She had snuck it to bed. So had her brother, but he had jammed it into one of his pockets. She could see the occasional crumb fall out through the bottom of his pocket. “Where’re we going?”

“To that weird tree she wouldn’t let us check out! If we’d just gone out with daddy, he would have let us explore.”

The little girl nodded, blinking the sleep from her eyes. In the daylight, she would have told him no. Right now?

The siblings wandered into the woods.