It looks likes colours

Where Morissa lived you couldn’t just see the stars. One would see the galaxies. They spun out of control, but in a size that no one could see anything but the swarm of colours that scientists still struggled to name.

Morissa climbed up to her roof (with her suit, of course, she wasn’t an idiot) and lay up there to stare at them. She had come up with her own descriptions for the galaxies. There was something that couldn’t be caught with photography. There was no way to share this vision with anywhere else in the universe. One would just have to be here. Morissa couldn’t explain it. Even though she had named the colours according to her own wants.

Somewhere inside her cousins were asleep, but that was all right. None of them would come out to the roof. Probably from choice, but there was also the fact that they were still growing and none of them had suits that fit right. They wouldn’t be able to come up here safely until they had stopped growing so much.

So Morissa would look at the galaxies. And knew that one day, one day soon, she would be going there.

She wondered what this place looked like from there.