Going down

Saoirse watched the minhocão move, fast enough despite its size, but not as fast as the first one they had taken down.

“Easy.” She rose to her feet in one fluid motion.

“You always say they’re easy.”

Saoirse had a wide grin on her face, an expression that occasionally matched the expression of the Gévaudan beast which followed Toiréasa – blood thirsty and eager. Teeth, lots of teeth.

“What could beat us?”

Slowly, Toiréasa’s smile matched the other two.

They began.

Looking down

The minhocão was a giant, black, serpentine creature with massive jaws. Pushing up from the earth below, it snapped in the air with its sightless head.

Toiréasa tapped her fingers against her belt. She stood, looking down at the forest with little concern for the humongous problem facing them. “What do you ken? They actually drove it out.”

While Toiréasa appeared lax, she still looked much more prepared for a fight than Saoirse, who sat perched on a boulder with knees up to her ears as she stared down at the carpet of forest below. “Remember the first minhocão? That was a trial, I reckon. Not like this one.”

Toiréasa rolled her eyes. “Like I could forget. That muppet wouldn’t have been dragged out so easy.”

She wanted to get moving, Saoirse could tell. Toiréasa had always been impulsive like that. That was why Saoirse was in charge.

Toiréasa led a giant man-eating hound, but Saoirse was in charge. Step one, completed.