The Downdate

Hello everyone. It’s the start of another month and time for another update.

Camp NaNoWriMo was last month, as I mentioned. Uh… let’s not talk about last month. I Wrote, I always Write, but with everything that happened during the month, it was a lot more brainstorming and world building than it was Writing the story. I said I would consider the month a failure in that case, but I’ve worked out this story so well I have a hard time feeling bad about not getting through what I initially wanted to Write.

However, I am glad for Camp to be over. Now I can organize myself and focus on perhaps not only producing a whole bunch of ideas, but being a bit more nit picky about language and the like. Write more drabbles and poetry. My usual as I come up with how I’m going to tackle the next Camp in July.

I debated the topic for this month. I came up with GREAT JUSTICE, so if that interests you, read on!

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