She didn’t want his job, but maybe his suit

If there was one thing she was sure of, it was that men were stupid. Also, running into glass doors really hurt, if his expression was anything to go by.

She opened it, taking care not to change her expression. He bit back expletives, rubbing at his face as if that would stop the pain. Did he see her? Probably not. Most people didn’t. That’s what happened when you wore a different uniform than another. He in his suit and tie. She bet his bosses would think differently of him if they had seen him do that.

He ran in, now that the door was open and he could see. Rolling her eyes, she sprayed the front of the door and removed the smudge he’d placed upon her hard work.

Meanwhile, Mercedes ignored the message

“Reality has been scheduled for regular maintenance…”

That was not what James wanted to hear today. How come every time he went out without Mercedes something had to go wrong?

“…and so is temporarily down.”

“I knew it.” He sighed, shifting his bag over his shoulder. Things looked normal around him, but he knew better than to take that for granted. The elephant who had been watching him over the fence had stopped eating the chocolate leaves for goodness sakes. He never thought he would see that happen. She was still staring at him though, Mercedes thought he was being paranoid.

“Please stand by patiently and it should be back up soon.”

James didn’t move his feet. He really didn’t like having to stand in one place for very long, he hoped this would resolve itself soon.

“Thank you.”

And for some time, James waited for reality to come back.