Birthday letters

Apparently her sister had picked up a new habit from where she lived now.

You send a letter on someone’s birthday, even if you barely know them! People get mountains of cards on their birthday, it’s amazing!

Usually she called. There was the occasional gift that was sent. In fact, Leondra was used to cards being involved on birthdays as well. A few, from people she couldn’t see on the day, from those who weren’t sure if they could call, for those who wanted to make sure their packages had instructions.

Her sister had apparently asked everyone she knew to write someone they didn’t know a letter. Leondra rubbed her temple.

She had a lot of reading to do.

The charity of neighbors

Mikhos supposed he should have appreciated the sentiment. Other people considered it a form of recycling and opposed to sending the paper off somewhere else they had given it to him.

Of course, none of them understood exactly what he got when he ate a book. Thankfully, Menachem liked to read even more than Mikhos did. Of course, Menachem didn’t have any baggage attached to such things. Mikhos watched his expression as he perused the papers. “What is that one?”

“A series of letters. I guess someone didn’t want to keep them anymore.”

“Um. Is it all that personal?”

“That and more. Don’t worry, it’s nothing raunchy. You might actually like this.” Pulling out his phone, Menachem took a photograph of the current page and handed it over to him. “Reading it, I mean.”

Mikhos read it. “This is about Kiara.”

“Yeah. Probably between her mother and her grandmother. Kiara’s mum dumped this off. You know, since the whole fallout.”

Mikhos put the phone back on the table. “I can’t eat these. What if they make up?”

Menachem shrugged. “Your choice.”

For the first time in a long time, Mikhos sat down and actually read from the paper, without consuming it afterward.