Zombie Apocalypse (pt17)

Tim couldn’t help but smile at Heherson’s enthusiastic notice of the situation. Nonetheless, he really had to turn things around. “Well, sometimes you have to do things during times you would rather not. I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

“No, no! Interrupting nothing!”

Tim doubted this. Even if the zombie apocalypse wasn’t being prepared for. Who else would be that ready to answer the door at this hour if they weren’t actually awake doing something?

However, before Tim could think about how to broach the subject, Heherson spoke up again. “Is that Irish’s car?”

Tim followed Heherson’s gaze, quickly determining if Irish could be seen still sitting in there. “Uh, yeah. I mean, I borrowed it for what all I had to do tonight. I’d prefer not to have to walk about as much as possible, thanks.”

At the very least, Heherson seemed to buy that. “She never let me drive her car.” He stepped back in the house, rubbing at his arms.

Trying to begin

When the clock struck twelve on January 30th, 1994, Big Ben exploded into a pile of rubble.

What? You’re saying that didn’t happen? How do you know, were you there? I didn’t think so. Maybe if you let me finish I would be able to explain why you didn’t know this happened. Or maybe it’s a story.

Then why have a real date? Ever heard of alternate universes? What if this is one where Big Ben exploded? Didn’t think of that one, didja boy? You weren’t there.

I was. So shut up and listen if you want to hear this one.

Slam dunk should be one word

I examined the passage, only to realize I was going to fail the test.

I wish the thought had hit me like a brick, because then I would’ve had an excuse to cry and go to the hospital. Unfortunately, no bricks were coming to save me.

Everyone else stared intently at their computer screens. No way to know if they were struggling like I was, because I couldn’t look away from my screen long enough to examine their faces. I could have screamed.

And then someone did.

“Yeah! Done!”

“Graves, be quiet.”

But while Graves was quiet, he slam dunked his keyboard on his desk and left the room.

Needless to say, all the rest of us were thoroughly distracted and were given more time.