Ice Cream

“Crowley’s Milk As Good as Any Better’n Some”

Aziraphale choked on his tea and looked at it again. “J.K. Crowley?”

It was an old carton. Early 1900s, if he had to guess. Aziraphale had gone through an old chest and found it there – thankfully void of milk. He had no idea how it had gotten there. He had probably spent more time than he should have staring at it. Enough time for someone to knock at the door for the third time.*

“Angel, what are you doing in there?” Crowley asked, letting the door open and pretending it hadn’t been locked the entire time. Continue reading “Ice Cream”

How the gambling gets you

Only one was real.

She swallowed, staring between the three. They sat there, tantalizingly waiting for her to reach out and pick one. “Can you hurry up?” her friend demanded.

“Sh!” She narrowed her eyes in on the three choices. “If I get this wrong…”

She ignored her friend’s grumbling and pointed at each of them. One out of three. She reached out and grabbed the chocolate ice cream cone.

Her hand went through it. “Shoot!”

Her friend laughed, looking out at the rest of the county fair. “Told you. Now let’s get some real food.”

Sadly, she left that booth and went to find lunch.