They had to play without her

She cursed her luck that would make her have to drive to her meet up alone, rather than catching the bus with the rest of her team. She cursed it more when her car broke down.

In the middle of nowhere, it seemed. She knew that just over that ridge there was civilization, but at the moment that seemed too far away. Between risking someone breaking into her car and being late for the meet, she chose to risk the car. She couldn’t let the team down.

Stepping out of the ice, she heard the crunch. As confusion overtook her, she looked down at the ice.

But it’s been nowhere near freezing, she thought, clouds suddenly forming as she exhaled.

She could have hidden back in her car, but she knew she wasn’t that far away. There was another road that had more traffic, if only she hadn’t been coming from a friend’s. She could get to town that way. Fast. She wouldn’t miss the match.

One step after another, she left the plane of existence without knowing it.

I just need all of the scalpels

They woke up in a dark room. On the bedside table lay a note. The writing was a wretched scrawl. If you’re reading this, your memory has been erased. Follow these instructions to get out.

That was nice. The only problem with all of that was that they remembered everything. They got out of bed and burned the note. It hadn’t worked at all. This was fantastic.

They got the key and left the room. The maze of corridors were nothing for them to traverse, as they remembered doing this for years. They eventually found the room they needed to be in. It hadn’t been even an hour.

The doctor was sprawled over the floor, scalpels piercing his flesh and somehow pinning him to the tile. They didn’t know how that had been done. He was still breathing. They leaned over and pulled one out.

With a ragged and sudden breath, the doctor’s eyes opened. “Y-you…”

“It didn’t work,” they told him, irritated. “We had to try again.”

The doctor’s fear left. “Are you kidding me,” he said. “Get me up.”

With a sigh, they pulled all of the scalpels out.