Zombie Apocalypse (pt7)

Irish was still less than moved. “If Heherson was raising the dead, that would be… wow. Doesn’t that require a lot to pull off?”

“Sure.” Tim looked from Irish’s thoughtful expression down to the mug of cocoa she placed in front of him. “Even some of the most practiced necromancers wouldn’t be able to do that sort of shit. My dad wouldn’t be able to, even if he wanted.”

She sat across from him, propping her chin in her hands. “That’s impressive.”

“I think you’re missing the point.”

“How could I miss the point?” Her mood switched quickly. “You know I have a meeting! I won’t be able to carry through it all if the zombie apocalypse is going on? How would anyone concentrate? How would everyone get to work?”

That depended on what the mass uprising of corpses got up to, but Tim didn’t know if they could do anything more than be a nuisance and cause the havoc of the usual mindless horde. “I think even your meeting, as important as it is and as well as I hope it goes, is also the least of our concerns. Big picture, Ai. The city will be completely destroyed if every dead thing comes back to life. Or animation.”

He really couldn’t remember if he’d even learned any of the specifics about this, other than how to recognize when the dead were being raised.

Zombie Apocalypse (pt6)

Irish favoured him with an impatient glance. “Then get to it already. Why on earth did you show up to give me more to do?”

Tim tried not to smile, considering what he was about to ask. “I think your ex-boyfriend is starting the zombie apocalypse.”

His attempt at not smiling perhaps conveyed the wrong sort of tone to his sentence, because in no way did Irish react with the appropriate gravitas. “Please.”

“I’m actually being serious.”

“The self proclaimed master of the knowledge about necromancy? You know just as well as I do, Timothy. Heherson doesn’t practice necromancy. He’s like you, except for the fact that he actually has knowledge about it even though he doesn’t do anything.”

“There aren’t any other necromancers in all of Saltdale. I know enough to say that someone can’t just move in and start raising the dead. Something about displacement?” Or was it because the process took a long time? Tim didn’t know the details, but he easily succeeded in not showing Irish that he had no idea what he was talking about. He was still fairly certain that was the case.