He will show you a good standard of living! (Not as in where you live)

Apparently, thinking about murdering everyone wasn’t an acceptable behavior.

“Even if I don’t act on it?” They frowned, hating the conversation. They shouldn’t have been here, with mom’s husband’s brother. This was dumb.

“Not especially.” He crossed his arms. He was always like this, acting like he was always right. And people wondered why they had these day dreams of a life without people like him. “Murder is not a nice thing to do!”

They glared out the window, waiting for mom. “Well, I’m not thinking it to be nice.”

“Hm. Well, that’s a problem.”

“What?” They didn’t mean to ask, but the word escaped them anyway. They fixed their eyes more intently out the window.

“We need to work on you being more nice!”

They really wished they had a creepy uncle instead, but no. Just their mother’s husband’s brother. Gah.