A moment away from work

Tell me you aren’t obsessing today.

Technically, she should have left it be until lunch, because she was working. I’m not obsessing today.

You’re just saying that.

You told me to tell you that, she furiously thumbed back before sticking the phone in front of her mouth again. “Toilets are dual-flush. Acceptable.”

Calm down, you’ll get it all in. It’ll be fine.

Easy enough for her to say. Nalia still had to document all of the lies and truths. At the very least she was going to be paid for the convention center. The hotel had been simply something she noticed.

It will be fine. Fixing a loose strand of hair that had managed to escape her dastaar, Nalia got back to work.


Nalia’s eyes narrowed on the green placard above the counter. Slowly, she rose her phone to her lips and dictated into it.

“The greenest thing about this hotel is the color of the advertisements that it is green.”

She checked out and moved on to her next destination. The convention center had similar boards next to their screens. She gave them credit that they weren’t the same intense amount of green as the hotels. That wasn’t going to deter her though. Nalia wasn’t here for appearances. She was here for the 100% bamboo fiber that may or may not have actually been bamboo.

Her note was short. “If it’s rayon again.”

Left open-ended, Nalia was distracted by her girlfriend’s text.