Nothing else to say

“Did you know that saying goodbye is bad luck?”

Her voice trembled, or perhaps that was imagined by him. He caught a glance of her face, eyes shadowed by her hat, mouth obscured by her scarf. He knew what this meant, what she didn’t want to tell him.

“Make sure to stay warm,” was all he said.

Perhaps that was a tear on her cheek, perhaps he had simply wished there was, but she opened the door and left.

Inside had begun to cool.

Underlying message

The paper had three words on it. Thank you. Goodbye.

Zamir sat down. His brother was never this straight forward. There had to be a secret message behind these three words. He had been deciphering his brother’s words for years now. Nothing that Shachaf did was behind Zamir’s understanding, much to Shachaf’s irritation.

There was nothing else behind these words. Shachaf was gone. This was beyond Zamir’s understanding.

Had things really been that bad? Shachaf couldn’t have gone too far. Zamir would prepare to find him and bring him back. They would talk about this. His brother didn’t get to run away from him.

Folding up the paper, he placed it into his breast pocket and stood back up.