Next comes the paparazzi

I didn’t believe in ghost stories until a week after my best friend’s death. Showing up at my door, wanting to talk, changed my mind about quite a few things.

“You’re a ghost,” I told her, the second time she tried to steal a sip from my teacup.

She bit her lower lip. “Oh, I hate this. I’m so thirsty.”

It made me a bit sick. “You drowned, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. Yet I’m so damn thirsty. This sucks.” She pushed her hair out of her face, as though the long black strands actually hung there. I wondered if I could poke her, but she was a ghost, so I was fairly certain that would be a no.

“…how are you here?” Wow, my question sounded stupid.

She shrugged. “I don’t know. First I thought I’d made it, you know? Then everyone was freaking out and I wasn’t hit by a car, though it couldn’t go through me…” She waved my teacup around.

“Hey, hey, hey! Just because you can grab inanimate objects doesn’t mean the tea won’t spill!”

“Right.” She put it down. “Sorry.”

I nearly grabbed it to take a sip of my own when the thought came to me. “Wait. People saw you and you stopped a car?”

She nodded.

“Did people see you come here?”

Apparently they had, because when we looked through the blinds, there were a lot of people out there.

Janice would feel better after. Zorica, less so.

Of all things, at three o’clock in the morning, Zorica had not expected her roommate to break into her room covered in blood and murder her. Fortunately, she was already dead, so it was a minor inconvenience.

“What the hell?” she demanded, forcing her ghost back into the body. While she hated the pain that involved, without access to her hands she couldn’t begin to put the body back into place.

“I knew it!” Janice exclaimed. “You’re some sort of monster!”

“Why are you covered in blood, Janice?” Zorica asked the moment she could actually move her mouth again.

“Monsters!” Janice said, pointing the knife at her again.

Zorica slapped her. Janice dropped the knife. She could smell the blood, now on her hand, the fumes of insanity on it.

It wasn’t as though Zorica had had worse mornings, but she wouldn’t want it to become worse than now. Despite the pain, she dragged Janice to the shower to get her body and mind clean.

My phone is possessed

“I’m sorry sir, but I think my phone is possessed isn’t covered under the warranty.”

“Why not?”

“What are you using to call right now, sir?”

“My brother’s phone. Look, do you want to hear how possessed this is?”





“Sir, that sounds like the ghost in the finale episode of Gary’s House. I don’t think that’s a posses-”


Why is it always trespassers in these situations?

He poked his head out just a tad to see his targets. Drawing in a deep breath, all that came out was a low moan. No, that wasn’t right. Tobiasz had tried a low moan, but this one was barely audible. After all, there was no one startled. No one had even flinched.

“We’ve searched for hours and found nothing,” one of the women said.

“Probably because you’re too loud,” her friend retorted.

Tobiasz was certain they were looking for him. Which was why this presentation was very important. He couldn’t recall the last time people had come to visit him. The last time he had been too worried to come out and see anyone. Worried he wouldn’t make a good enough showing. Now was his chance. If only he could muster the courage. He readied himself again.

Then a beam of light trained on him. He gasped and fell back into the wall.

“Did you see that?”

“See what?”

“There was something over there.”

Their words became muffled as Tobiasz floated down and away. Maybe he would take a few more minutes to prepare. They hadn’t seen him, not really. He hadn’t ruined his debut. Sinking beneath the floorboards, he prepared himself once more to scare the people in his house.

The thumbs-up ghost

When it got too hot, William wanted to go play his video games. His sibling was used to that, though he hadn’t returned to his console since last weekend.

“Do you finally want to go outside?” they asked their brother.

Will made a face. “No, Riley. I don’t. It’s too hot.”

Typical. “Then read a book.”

He groaned and plopped himself on the couch next to them. “No, I don’t like reading.”

Riley rolled their eyes and finished tying their shoes. “Well, whatever. See you later, twerp.”

“W-wait, you’re leaving?”

“Of course. Unlike you, some people like the outside.” For some reason, Will didn’t like that thought. He never cared before. They could not think why that would have changed. “Play your video games then.”

An odd whine escaped him, but Riley left. Brothers were like that, they decided. Stopping just outside, they went around to the back of the house to knock against the basement window.

“Hey there. My bro saw you and is freaked out. Behave, won’t you?”

Riley left. Behind them, a ghostly hand came out of the wall and gave them a thumbs up.

They were really impressed

William screamed. “A ghost!”

For a while it was silent. Then the door opened as his older sibling looked inside, rather annoyed. “There is no ghost. You’re being ridiculous.”

“I-I never said there was one!” he retorted from where he hid behind the curtains. His sibling scoffed, just as he knew they would. It was why he had lied. But he had definitely the ghost rise up through the floorboards, give him a thumbs up for beating Sonic 2, and then return whence it came.